Q. What is the Cosmos Health ticker symbol?
A. Our common stock ticker symbol is COSM.
Q. On what exchange does COSM trade?
COSM common shares are traded on the highest tier exchange: NASDAQ
Q. How can I obtain COSM’s stock price?
Go to the Stock Info page on this web tab, or you may visit other financial portals or stock brokerage apps or websites. Our Stock Info page is sourced from a quality vendor believed to be highly reliable, although access via a securities brokerage account may be the most reliable of all as that is their core business.
Q. When was COSM's initial public offering (IPO)?
COSM has been a publicly traded company since Dec. 13, 2013, via what’s known as a reverse merger with a predecessor company.
Q. Are you on a calendar or different fiscal year?
We are on a calendar-based fiscal year that ends December 31.
Q. Who should I contact regarding any changes to or a lost stock certificate(s)?
You should contact our transfer agent Globex Transfer, LLC directly:

Globex Transfer, LLC
780 Deltona Blvd. Suite 202
Deltona, FL 32725
+1 813-344-4490
Q. When is the next Annual Shareholders Meeting?
The date for the next Annual Shareholders Meeting has yet to be determined. When it is, we will announce and make its materials available to shareholders through the relevant filing with the SEC.
Q. Where can I get information on the Company?
Our website, along with our SEC filings which are provided on our website, are the most comprehensive sources. On this web tab, you may also subscribe to be emailed our news releases, and/or SEC filings and/or share price information at no cost to you. You may also follow us on Twitter @CosmosHealthInc which we will be re-activating in early 2022.
Q. Where can I get information about COSM's Board of Directors?
Bios for our Management Team and Board of Directors are listed on the Management page of this web tab.
Q. Who is COSM's independent auditor?
Armanino LLP
12657 Alcosta Blvd
Suite 500San Ramon, CA 94583
Q. Where can I get employment information?
When we have job openings, we will usually post them on a major online job website. If you are particularly highly qualified for a position, email us at HR@cosmoshealthinc.com.We regret we cannot respond to all inquiries.
Q. In what year and where was COSM incorporated?
Cosmos Health Inc. was incorporated in the State of Nevada under the name of its predecessor, Prime Estates and Developments,Inc. on July 21, 2009. On November 14, 2013, we changed our name (and business)to Cosmos Holdings Inc. On July 29, 2022, we changed our name to Cosmos HealthInc. to better reflect the Company’s evolution into an innovative global healthcare group with a focus on improving people’s lives.
Q. Is it possible for a shareholder to visit or tour COSM?
Regret that due to pandemic related restrictions, we will not be accommodating any in-person visits until further notice. Our website contains photos and videos. If you have questions about the Company, our investor relations contact is listed below.
Q. Does COSM have a direct stock purchase plan or a dividend reinvestment plan?
Q. How can investors contact COSM investor relations?
Lytham Partners
Tel: +1 646-829-9701
Email: shamsian@lythampartners.com
Q. How can I follow the Company on social media?
Twitter @CosmosHealthInc
Q. How can I get added to COSM’s email list?
You can sign up for free e-mail alerts notifying you of news releases, and/or SEC filings and/or stock price info by going to the first page in this web tab and entering your email address and preferences in the box provided.